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In the opening montage Neil Armstrong says «Good luck Mr. Gorsky» on the moon. In urban legend, the child Armstrong, searching in his neighbors’ backyard for his lost baseball, overhears Mrs. Gorsky from the bedroom saying ‘Oral sex?! I’ll give you oral sex when that kid next door walks on the moon!’ and so, years later, says «Good luck Mr. Gorsky» as the first lunar transmission to Earth. This story has been debunked by Armstrong himself, and other sources. See more »


The position of the flag on the coffin reverses between the removal of the coffin from the hearse to the arrival at the grave site. See more »


Jon Osterman:
This is where we hold our conversation. In it, you reveal to me that you and Dreiberg have been sleeping together.

Laurie Juspeczyk:
You know about me and Dan?
Jon Osterman:
Not yet. But in a few moments, you’re going to tell me.
Laurie Juspeczyk:
If you already know the future, then why were you surprised when I left you? Or when that reporter ambushed you? Why even argue about it if you already know how this is going to end?
Jon Osterman:
I have no choice. Everything is preordained… even…
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Crazy Credits

Gerard Butler is given second opening credit in the Ultimate Edition (on the fuselage of the airplane in the montage), due to him playing the part of the pirate in the ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ segments. See more »

Alternate Versions

In Thailand the genitals of Dr Manhattan are masked and where Rorschach attack with an ax the victim’s head is heavily blurred. See more »


Cast overview, first billed only:
Malin Akerman Laurie Jupiter /
Silk Spectre II

Billy Crudup Dr. Manhattan /
Jon Osterman

Matthew Goode Adrian Veidt /

Jackie Earle Haley Rorschach

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Edward Blake /

Patrick Wilson Dan Dreiberg /
Nite Owl

Carla Gugino Sally Jupiter /
Silk Spectre

Matt Frewer Moloch

Stephen McHattie Hollis Mason

Laura Mennell Janey Slater

Rob LaBelle Wally Weaver

Gary Houston John McLaughlin

James M. Connor Pat Buchanan

(as James Micheal Connor)

Mary Ann Burger Eleanor Clift

John Shaw Doug Roth

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